This Package is intended for Churches that are being affected by COVID-19. And are in need of getting their services recorded and displayed on their Facebook pages and Websites. 


We are aware that at this time Churches are not able to come together for Worship, Prayer, and Messages. What we are looking to offer is an affordable solution for Churches to still be able to reach their community through Video.

All we need from you as a church is to send us an email with your location and what your budget is, even if it is small.   

We believe that as followers of Christ we can use our gifts to help grow his kingdom. And at a time like this, we here at Trevor Geiser Films believe that we can use what God has given us to help the local churches continue to disciple their members and impact their communities.    


Contact me and we can line up a day during the week to do the filming process. This process will probably take about 3-4 hours.  



Next would be the editing process. It would be preferred to have one day for this process. 

Next would be uploading. We would need to figure out what day and time you would want the video to be uploaded. If needed I am willing to do the uploading from my office. I would just need all login information for the websites or social media platforms you would be uploading to.  






This is a list of what gear we would provide.

3 Cameras to capture different angles.

Minor lighting if needed.

Minor audio recording for when delivering the Message.

(If you are wanting to record worship audio you will need to provide the equipment) 


Contact Us to Get Started!

To God Be The Glory



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