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Is there going to be...
How many speeches will be given?

DINNER: Ideally my team eats when you eat . When planning your schedule, I highly recommend scheduling the Toasts/Speeches to be before or after the dinner.This way, the speeches aren't filled with the noise of silverware hitting plates. You also probably dont want footage of you eating the entire time the toasts are being given, but instead you wantyour hands free so that you can laugh and cry during the toasts. With all that being said, will the toasts and speeches be before/after dinner? Or during? Feel free to call me with any questions!

For your candids/portraits/bridals - my team is happy to work side by side with the photographer. However, it's up to you if you want to separate our time from theirs. Separating our time from the photographers will allow for better bridal footage, less rushing, and ensures that everyone gets the shots they need without anyone else getting in the way. All we need is 10-15 minutes. Again, we're happy to work side by side with the photographer, but it's up to you!

The officiant and the groom will both wear Lav Mics that will not interfere with the DJ's audio system. Is the bride open to wearing a Lav Mic? Our team can make it invisible.

Are there any special events happening during your wedding day that I need to be aware of? Examples: Special speeches, musical numbers, dance numbers, any type of surprise, etc etc..

Please list any additional shots, people, sentimental object, etc., that are important to you that I should know of throughout the day.

Is there anything I need to be aware of about? (divorces, someone doesn't like to be on camera, people that do not get along, etc..)

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